STIR! it UP Story


Hi, I am Nini, owner, and creator of STIR! it UP. I was fortunate enough to grow up on a farm in the Western Cape of South Africa. Being from a family of farmers, gave me a deep-rooted love for the earth, nature and all nature has to offer. I am also a habitual entrepreneur, always busy, juggling numerous roles. Feeding the family good food is a challenge as it needs to happen very fast. Packaged sauces were a staple until I became aware of the ingredients on these packages. It read more like a science lab experiment than something I want to put into my children’s tummies! I read an extract from Swallow This: Serving Up The Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets, by Joanna Blythman where she writes about the story behind the ingredients listed on the package: “… This was the domain of people whose natural environment is the laboratory and the factory, not the kitchen, the farm or the field; people who share the assumption that everything nature can do, man can do so much better, and more profitably.”

The “habitual entrepreneur” thought: ‘If we can genuinely help people to save time, whilst still making delicious healthy food ….” Fast forward a couple of years, feeding the family (and some long-suffering friends!) a thousand different sauces – tasting and tweaking for months and months … until each was perfect – bursting with flavor, aroma, and goodness. No nonsense, just REAL, FRESH INGREDIENTS. STIR! it UP was born – combining the convenience of ready-made sauces with home-cooked peace of mind.

Today we criss-cross the Cape to buy our ingredients directly from the farmers. We cut and chop and make our sauces by hand, just as in your own kitchen. We then air-dried the sauce, using solar ovens, to remove all moisture and to extend the shelve-life of the sauce without adding any unpronounceable ingredients.

Recipes ready, all you need to do… is STIR! it UP!