STIR! UP an industry:

Our name is rooted in the physical essence of the product … we do all the hard work; all you need to do is stir. But our name also refers to “stirring up” an industry which is notorious for using chemistry, rather than recipes. At most of these sauce companies, you will never see a stray onion skin or tomato pip lying around. These manufacturers combine ingredients that do not occur in natural food. The scary thing about these cheaper ingredients are, that we don’t know what they might be doing to us. For more detailed information on the scary secrets of ‘big company food tactics’, read the edited extract from Swallow This: Serving Up The Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets, by Joanna Blythman

At Stir! it up, we do not cut corners. Chopping, cooking and air-drying are more expensive than mixing chemicals, but what price can you put on your health?